Crave simplicity in your life?

Crave simplicity in your life?

September 18, 2018 0 Comments

Do you crave purity and simplicity in your life?

Start with a bar soap that does it all: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.

Because strictly speaking, liquid soap is not "soap". And all the preparations that are labelled "no-soap" are mere detergents.

No liquid body wash will moisturise the skin because there's just not enough fat in it.

It may be that bar soap sounds old-fashioned?

Think twice.

Today, the exquisite type of bar soap is for connoisseurs.

It has to be radically "natural".

Only a fraction of the bar soaps on the market qualify for that term: the truly natural ones are made of 100% plant oils (animal fat is natural too and used in soap but Laska would rather not go that way), cold-made, super-fatted ones, that smell of nature and leave the skin fragrant and conditioned.

The bar soap that oozes glycerine; that one can slice, not the ones that are so poor in glycerine, they crumble with brittleness when scratched with a nail.

No palm oil. A dash of yoghurt or thick sheep or buffalo milk quenches the skin with its good fats, adding emollience.

The real thing. Pure pleasure. Deep indulgence.

Simple. Pure. Special. Thought out.

Perfect for connoissuers that aren’t the mass body wash kind.

Perfect for gift givers with good taste.

Perfect for discerning people who know what they are buying.