Rosehip oil & Buffalo Milk Buffing Soap

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  • A luxurious natural soap - nourishing and revivifying - thanks to wild-harvested rosehip oil and uplifting Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

  • Ultra-hydrating. Revitalising and exalting. Delicately micro-massaging.

    Custom-formulated only with premium plant oils for the benefits they bring.

  • Regenerative rosehip oil, olive and cold-pressed sunflower oil and shea butter marry fresh, full-fat buffalo milk in this soap to deliver tangible hydration and silkiness to your skin. Custom-formulated to protect the easily compromised natural oils of your skin from evaporation under the shower.

  • Massage the creamy foam all over your body. Meet the day or its end, breathing in the mesmerising blend of Bulgarian lavender, cedar wood and citrus, with the knowledge that when the mind is calm, so is the world.

  • Made with an artisanal method and cured for 4 weeks, this soap is naturally high in natural glycerine for tangible hydration.

    • 100% uncompromisingly natural ingredients
    • 0% palm oil in our soaps - only superior plant oils and butters
    • Perfumed with pure, undiluted essential oil of Bulgarian lavender
    • No generics like palm-oil and melt-and-pour bases or soap noodles
    • Absolutely free of chemicals, synthetic fragrance, preservatives and artificial colours
    • Stirred, cut and wrapped by hand
    • Biodegradable
    • Vegetarian
    • Nо animal testing

    Bar weight: 130g