Bulgaria's nutrient-rich ingredients combine into luscious bars
with real skin benefits
  • Ultra-softening thanks to fresh full-fat Bulgarian yoghurt, sheep and buffalo milk - all sustainably sourced
  • Fragrant with pure essential oils with Bulgarian lavender across our range - a genuine aroma-therapy experience under the shower
  • Luxurious moisturisers: olive oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, shea butter, rosehip oil
  • Naturally rich in glycerine to hydrate and protect the skin's natural oils
  • Botanicals to purify, exfoliate and smoothen the skin
We do things differently.
Our ancestral bar soap is made with a traditional method without melting the ingredients.
We formulate with intent: no shortcuts, no soap noodles, no melt-and-pour bases, no nature-identical ingredients.
Only 100% natural ingredients with proven functional benefits.
Commercially milled soap is harder than cold-process soap.
The milling process removes glycerine, the natural moisturiser that is created when soap is made.
For a rich, moisturising soap that is delightfully kind to the skin, we keep the natural glycerine in the soap.
    Radically slow soap.
    A different offering that resists our polluted, speed and bysiness-obsessed world.
    Stirred, cut, stamped and wrapped by hand after curing for at least four weeks.
    No mass-production line and machinery come into contact with it.
    No chemicals, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, preservatives, EDTA and colours of any kind.
    No palm oil in our soaps for environmental and ethical reasons. No animal testing.
    Just raw nature.