The gift trio: Bulgarian sheep-milk, pine & mint soap with Fuller's Earth

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  • A gift trio of luxurious natural soap to purify your body and whip up your mind into vivid alertness thanks to essential oils of Scots pine and peppermint.

  • Ultra-hydrating. Stimulating and vivifying. Deeply purifying, yet protecting the easily compromised natural oils of your skin under the shower.

    Made exclusively with premium plant oils. 

  • Olive, shea butter and rich in vitamin E cold-pressed sunflower oil marry fresh, full-fat Bulgarian sheep milk in this soap that delivers tangible moisture and smoothness to your skin.

  • Massage the creamy foam all over your body.

  • Energise among the pine trees drenched in warm rain as you breathe in the fresh, green aroma with the wondeful knowledge that morning and nature is all about new.

    Made with an artisanal method with 4 weeks of curing, this soap is naturally high in glycerine.

    • 100% uncompromisingly natural ingredients
    • 0% palm oil in our soaps - only superior plant oils and butters
    • Perfumed with pure, undiluted essential oils of Bulgaria
    • No generics like palm-oil and melt-and-pour bases or soap noodles
    • Absolutely free of chemicals, synthetic fragrance, preservatives and artificial colours
    • Stirred, cut and wrapped by hand
    • Biodegradable
    • Vegetarian
    • Nо animal testing
  • Contains 3 bars of 130g each