The gift trio: Bulgarian yoghurt & lavender soap with oats

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  • A gift trio of luxurious natural soap to relax and unwind with thanks to soothing Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

  • Ultra-hydrating. Uplifting and mood-enhancing. Delicately exfoliating.

    Custom-formulated only with premium plant oils.

  • Olive and cold-pressed sunflower oil and shea butter marry fresh, full-fat Bulgarian yoghurt in this soap to deliver tangible moisture and smoothness to your skin.

  • Massage the creamy foam all over your body.

  • Step into a lush lavender field at sunset as you breathe in the heady aroma and relax your sense into harmony with nature.

    Made with an artisanal method and cured for 4 weeks, this soap is naturally high in glycerine.

    • 100% uncompromisingly natural ingredients
    • 0% palm oil in our soaps - only superior plant oils and butters
    • Perfumed with pure, undiluted essential oil of Bulgarian lavender
    • No generics like palm-oil and melt-and-pour bases or soap noodles
    • Absolutely free of chemicals, synthetic fragrance, preservatives and artificial colours
    • Stirred, cut and wrapped by hand
    • Biodegradable
    • Vegetarian
    • Nо animal testing
  •  Contains 3 bars of 130g each